Faith in the Colors of the Rainbow aims to present a diverse range of perspectives on LGBTQ+ issues from individuals across various roles and functions within churches. Numerous members of Czech churches openly demonstrate warmth, compassion, and acceptance towards people with differing relationship orientations, all while remaining loyal to their faith.

The people featured in the project are not activists who, out of ignorance, would confidently proclaim something they do not inherently understand. They are pastors, clergy, erudite experts in the fields of biblical studies or practical theology (often associate professors or professors who are actively teaching in theological schools). They all present their open yet well-founded position on queer issues. The wide spectrum of opinion, that is presented, goes across churches. These are not the isolated opinions of a few individuals.

The project purposefully presents open and accepting currents of opinion. It deliberately does not map (ultra)conservative attitudes in the churches, nevertheless it is not one-sided. It brings a plurality of views in all its diversity into the public debate, in which predominantly negative attitudes are heard from the Christian environment.

Its title refers to the fact that the biblical symbol of the rainbow as the enduring grace of God can be understood as a link between the LGBTQ+ world and the world of Christian faith. The rainbow as a sign not of division and conflict, but of humanity equally and together experienced under the gaze of eternity.


The project is a private initiative of the author (more about him HERE), who was not carrying out an assignment, nor was he creating on commission, but purely out of the need to show that the clamorous rejectionist attitude of a part of the Christian world is not the only and prevailing voice of the Church. Being a Christian does not automatically mean taking a dismissive attitude towards LGBTQ+ people and the motives behind their actions.